Matti Laine, Ph.D.

Project leader

Professor of psychology. Adult clinical neuropsychologist whose research interests encompass neurocognition of working memory training, executive functions, bilingualism, language learning, and aphasia.

Minna Lehtonen

Deputy project leader, Ph.D.

Academy Research Fellow. My research focuses on cognitive and neural basis of language processing, bilingualism, and executive functions.

Petra Grönholm-Nyman

Postdoctoral researcher (Academy of Finland)

Research interests: trainability of executive functions, neural correlates of cognitive functions in normal aging.

Anna Soveri, Ph. D.

Postdoctoral researcher

Primary research interests: working memory training, executive functions, and bilingualism.

Juha Salmitaival

Senior researcher

My current research interests are mainly in typical and atypical development and malleability of cognitive control functions and related brain mechanisms.

Petra-Ann Boman

My research is related to working memory training in school-aged children with or without specific learning difficulties.

Christel Lundin

I am studying the effects of working memory training in school children, including those with specific learning difficulties.

Otto Waris

My research focuses on working memory functions and their malleability to computerized training.

Jussi Jylkkä

My research at the Abo Akademi University deals with bilingualism and executive functions.

Karolina Lukasik

PhD student

I'm a doctoral student in BrainTrain project. My research interests are: executive functions, bilingualism, and cognitive neuroscience.

Linda Karlsson

I am working as a project researcher on various subprojects of the BrainTrain.

Daniel Fellman

PhD student

I'm a doctoral student in the BrainTrain project. My research interests are: Verbal working memory, cognitive neuroscience, and psycholinguistics.

Adrià Vilà Balló

My research interest is related to cognitive control and executive function training in normal and clinical groups

Marco Bucci

Visiting researcher Autumn 2016 - Spring 2017, PhD in Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Physiology

I am interested in brain imaging and cognitive neuroscience.

Claudia Peñaloza Salazar

Visiting researcher Spring 2016 (IDIBELL, Barcelona), PhD student

Daniel Wärnå

Software Developer

Specializing in both fontend and backend web development and UI/UX design


Department of Psychology
Abo Akademi University
Fabriksgatan 2
FI-20500 Turku