The BrainTrain project is one of the Research Centres of Excellence (2015-2018) at the Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland. The project studies working memory training, its cognitive and neural mechanisms, and the mental architecture of executive functions. A related research topic is executive functioning in bilingualism. The research group is funded by Abo Akademi University Endowment, and Academy of Finland. For a subproject on children, we also obtained financial support from the C.G. Sundell Foundation.


Interesting guest lecture by Per Trads Ørskov from Syddansk Universitet, Denmark

BrainTrain is hosting an interesting guest lecture by Per Trads Ørskov from Syddansk Universitet, Denmark:
The Young Brain Project...

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Is there a bilingual advantage in working memory?

Our research article, “Bilingualism and working memory performance: Evidence from a large-scale online study” just came out in PLOS ONE....

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The first meta-analysis of fMRI studies on working memory training

Our fMRI meta-analysis entitled “Working memory training mostly engages general-purpose large-scale networks for learning” just came out in Neuroscience and...

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