The BrainTrain project was one of the Research Centres of Excellence (2015-2018) at the Abo Akademi University, Turku, Finland. The project studied working memory training, its cognitive and neural mechanisms, and the mental architecture of executive functions. A related research topic was executive functioning in bilingualism. The research group was funded by Abo Akademi University Endowment, and Academy of Finland. For a subproject on children, financial support from the C.G. Sundell Foundation was also obtained.

While the 4-year BrainTrain project officially ended by the end of 2018, we continue our research along the lines that turned out to be most promising. We focus (a) on the strategies participants employ and how these affect testing and training outcomes, and (b) on the development of a videogame environment for more life-like measurement of memory and executive function.



We provide for the first time clear evidence of the important role strategies have in memory training: training makes participants...

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Working memory training modulates brain responses during task performance

Our recently published EEG study shows how working memory training elicits changes in several event-related potentials during task performance. Slow-wave...

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Continuation of the BrainTrain project secured by 4-year funding from Academy of Finland

Academy of Finland will fund a new 4-year research project “Strategies for Human Memory” (2019-2023) led by Prof. Matti Laine...

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