Together with ca 750 other delegates, the whole BrainTrain research group attended the 20th European Society for Cognitive Psychology conference. It was a good meeting! We gave the following presentations on our recent work (their abstracts can be found at

Fellman, Soveri, Viktorsson, Haga, Nylund, Johansson, Edman, von Renteln & Laine: Selective Updating of Sentences: introducing a new measure of verbal working memory

Jylkkä, Soveri, Laine & Lehtonen: Assessing bilingual language switching behavior with Ecological Momentary Assessment

Laine, Fellman, Waris & Nyman: How to obtain typical working memory training outcomes after just one training session: it’s in the strategies

Lehtonen, Soveri, Laine, Järvenpää, de Bruin & Antfolk: Is bilingualism associated with enhanced executive control? A meta-analysis

Łukasik, Lehtonen, Salmi, Meinzer & Laine: Working memory updating under tDCS in healthy adults

Salmi, Nyberg & Laine: Functional brain imaging of working memory training: a meta-analysis

Soveri, Lehtonen, Waris, Antfolk & Laine: Nutrition, exercise, and working memory

Waris, Soveri, Ahti, Hoffing, Ventus, Jaeggi, Seitz & Laine: Latent factor analysis of working memory measures using large-scale data