Our recent training study examined whether varied WM training would elicit broader transfer. The idea is based on the skill learning approach to WM training: rapidly shifting varied tasks might trigger more extensive and more flexible strategy use that could then improve performance on untrained transfer tasks. In this respect, the present results were negative, but we argue that the basic idea is worth testing further with other WM training setups. The open access article and its link are as follows: Ritakallio, L., Fellman, D., Jylkkä, J., Waris, O., Lönnroth, N., Nervander, R., Salmi, J., & Laine, M. (2021) The pursuit of effective working memory training: A pre‑registered randomised controlled trial with a novel varied training protocol. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41465-021-00235-2